Markou Mpotsari 47
117 42, Athens


AGENSO is a company implementing innovative solutions for agriculture and the environment, and its team consists of people with high expertise and extensive research experience in universities, companies, European and national programmes. Our people hold postgraduate and doctoral degrees in agricultural engineering, information technology and environmental management, and have professional experience in various research institutes and universities (eg. Centre for Research and Technology, Hellas (CERTH), Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), and the Center for Renewable Energy Sources & Saving (CRES)).

The company specializes in the development of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions for agriculture and the environment, and specializes in promoting research and services in the fields of sustainable agricultural production, environmental sustainability and advanced technologies, following the goals that EU has set with the 7th Environment Action Plan.

AGENSO’s staff has participated in more than 40 research projects at European and National level (FP7, Horizon2020, ERANET ICT-AGRI, FIWARE and RCI), and the company maintains a close relationship with industry as well as research institutes regarding provision of services and transfer of expertise.

AGENSO is currently participating in 8 European Horizon 2020 projects, 3 European ICT-AGRI projects and 10 National programmes Research – Create – Innovate, for the development of ICT solutions and software for the agricultural and environmental sectors. In addition, it offers services to more than 10 universities and research institutes in Greece and abroad (Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Finland).

In addition, AGENSO’s portfolio includes the development of agricultural robots and 6 solutions for agriculture and the environment. The company also offers precision agriculture services and consulting services to individual farmers and agricultural cooperatives.